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The parent / guradian need to make a note of collecting the brochure & admission form from the school office. Before filling the form parents/guardians are advised to go through all the details at the back of the form & only then start filling the form. All the details given should be reviewed & true. The form would be invalid if the list of documents mentioned in the form is not attached. No liberty would be given in case of incomplete form or incomplete set of documents. The last date of admission & formalities can be enquired from the school office support.

Document to be Submitted along with Admission / Registration Form

  • Birth Certificate
  • Previous Mark Sheet
  • Medical Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Student Passport size photograph(2 Copies)
  • Father Passport size photograph(2 Copies)
  • Mother Passport size photograph(2 Copies)
  • Gauardian Passport size photograph(2 Copies)
  • Bus route form
  • Student's Identity Card proforma