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In 2005, we set ourselves the challenging goal of becoming national level behemoth in educational field by 2010. Looking back, this appeared to be an ambitious and somewhat distant goal we aimed to achieve. Yet, we concentrated on this bull’s eye. With a sharp sense of direction and a defined vision, we set out to creatively transform ourselves to address the opportunities that we sought - opportunities that have become realities today.

The fact that every part of the organization has contributed enthusiastically to this endeavor denotes not only the effectiveness of our chosen business strategy and foresight, but also of the flawless execution, efficiency and concentration with which everybody in the organization has embraced these objectives. Today, with spread of network in 12 states and expanding, we are not only on the threshold of entering this orbit within a year, but we also find ourselves bursting forth with renewed energy and momentum that will now propel us towards even higher orbits in the years to come.

What's making this possible? The simple answer is the soundness of our vision and strategy coupled with flawless execution - all backed by sheer passion and conviction that our people feel towards accomplishing challenging objectives. I am sure you will join me in saying “Well done!!” to every employee in AIERA for bringing us this far.

Dr. Satish Gore.

General Director
All India Education Research Academy Ltd.

Reaching New Heights

The journey we began 5 years ago has helped us arrive at a major threshold - a vantage point - where there's still so much more to be achieved and the time has come when we need to set ourselves new goals that are ambitious, yet credible. After months of preparation in defining the means and the modes of these new growth objectives and getting the entire organization to adopt and align themselves accordingly - I believe, we are now ready to write this next chapter. Once again, I see the spark of conviction and passion in the eyes of our people. That's not surprising. Looking at our recent past, we've clearly demonstrated that we can grow at rates that not only outpace the rest, but are in a league of our own.

People - Developing Talent by Leveraging Experience

While we have seasoned people at the helm of our affairs who are well supported by capable and self-driven teams, we realize that we would have to create a consistent conduit of talented future leaders to further fuel our growth objectives and drive future endeavors. Recognizing this, we have been consistently focusing on creating and mentoring a new generation of young and able minds who would grow into leadership positions across the Company in the future.

Strength of Organization

Today, AIERA has footprints in most of India. We believe there are some major contributing factors to this strength of the organization. They are:

  • Scale - One of largest educational organization in India epitomizes our size.
  • Research & Innovation - Our ability to research & innovate constantly gives us an edge.
  • Service Integration - Our ability to get into related services. Thus integrating the value chain.
  • Synergy – Our ability to interact & co-operate between different segments of organization.
  • People - Every employee or person associated to AIERA is our asset.
  • Quality - The differentiating factor and the mainstay of our competitiveness.

I remain very upbeat about the outlook for the environment in general. While government policies keep changing and entry of number of players means we can’t ignore the rule that is Survival of the Fittest. Still I believe we have rationalistic strategy and we are very much competitive.

This is the time of irrational exuberance. There are educational institutions springing up at every corner of the road, and for dozen a dime. We are able to retain large student base and it is increasing. Furthermore, our ability to garner satisfied students our base year on year is an indicator of the long term sustainability of our organizational philosophy, wherein we have been able to ensure strong growth under pressure. Going forward, our research backbone, our efficient manufacturing capabilities, our marketing and servicing depth across the nation and overall financial strength will hold AIERA in strong form and on course. Furthermore, with some of the best talent in our organization, I remain very upbeat about our future and have no doubt that we are going to enter and scale even higher orbits in the years to come.