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Smart Class

Smart class facility is provided in each classroom. Topic is thoroughly explained with the help of smart board. Along with the knowledge content the students get an opportunity to visualize the actual concept with the help of diagrams and images of the different terms used in various subjects.


Science Laboratories

Apart from the theoretical knowledge imparted in the classrooms the students get the privilege of experiencing the practical aspects of the theory learnt. well equiped laboratories provide the students an opportunity to experiment and experience.

Music Room

Recreation is a must for all human souls and Music is the best healing for a human mind. Music room is specially designed in the school and a music teacher is appointed to help the students enjoy the music with many instruments like Tabla, Harmonium, guitar, and synthesizer. Assembly is conducted with the help of these musical instruments.


Bus facility is provided to all the students and teachers. Our buses drive into different areas in the city of the convenience of the students.

House Systems

The House system is required to have healthy competition among the students and teachers. It is helpful to make the students responsible and to conduct their duties. It helps in inculcating the team spirit in students.

Choose a category to name the houses and decide the house masters/Mistresses. All the students should divided equally in the four houses in terms of girls and boys. All the competitions conducted in the school should be among these houses. Assembly duties should be given house wise, our school has named the houses after Ocean Names- Pacific, Arctic, Atlantic and Antartic.

Dance Room

Dance not only recreates but also takes care of physical fitness and flexibility of the body. LED is provided in the dance room. Huge mirrors are provided in the room so that the students can watch themeselves and learn the steps by seeing from LED. Students can groom themeselves to perfection.

French Language

Apart from academics sports / recreation the school intends to teach an internationally accepted language vocationally to the students. Thus the students are distinguished from the students of other common schools. We are teaching French as a foreign language right from class I .

Digital School

  • Digital Class
  • Digital Library
  • Smart Teaching Board
  • Projector
  • School Apps.
  • CCTV


  • Maths Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Geography Lab
  • Historical Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Biology Lab

Special Class Wise Training

  • Project Development
  • Study Management
  • Small Event Management
  • Banking Process
  • Self Confidence
  • Leadership Quality
  • Management Training

Choice Of Sports

  • Gymnastic
  • Basket Ball
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Bow And Arrow
  • Boxing
  • Spear Throw
  • Chess
  • Skating
  • Badminton
  • Scout


  • Post Office
  • Collector Office
  • Mantralay
  • Other Govt. Offices
  • Farm
  • Industry
  • Market
  • Town \ Village Visit
  • Bank
  • Military Campus

Other Facilities

  • Bus
  • Food
  • Hostel
  • Mini Hospital
  • Teachers Quarter